Friday, 13 July 2012

Summer Book Love: Reading for Travel & Coaching

Have you noticed on our blog we have a Book Love tab? After you read today's blog go check it out! Oh, and comment below with other titles you think could be included on the list.    Below is an amazing interactive way to find your book this summer!  Maybe you can not travel to another country this summer or this year - why not escape from your regular routine through a book? Escape to another world between the crisp pages of a fresh book, or take an inspired walk down to your library to source out a mystery, comedy, or autobiography.  Jump aboard, no passport needed!

Maybe you are taking a gap year or a break from your regular routine to spend some time in another country.  Reading more than just the Lonely Planet or travel blogs about that country can heighten your experience once you get there.  Image reading about the history of the Inca people more deeply than the little  bit in a travel book.  Now, visualize yourself at dawn when the clouds lift and Machu Picchu is revealed.

If you have followed our blog in the past, at mygapyear we also focus on coaching those that connect with our services throughout their gap year.  On our book love page you will find a few books that we just love related to thinking differently about your life & books that ask good questions to get you thinking!

Thanks to for this awesome graphic!!

Summer Reading Flowchart

Via and USC Rossier Online