Friday, 16 March 2012

Who is mygapyear?

Bio_picture.jpgJulie Newton
Certified Professional Coach, ACC, ACPC ( Adler trained Coach)
Julie is the co-founder of mygapyear - an organization that empowers young adults to find direction at a pivotal time in their lives through taking a gap year. Julie's energized to create new pathways to empower young adults to transform their own lives. Julie has expertise in coaching young adults and parents to recognize strengths and values that build confidence and create life changing choices for future paths. Julie has over 15 years experience in the public sector in policy development and program delivery with extensive experience in education and retraining initiatives. Julie wants to create a space where young adults and parents can explore ways to move forward. Julie has a recently completed a certification in coaching youth with ADHD.

tara.pngTara Rinomato
Research and Travel Specialist
Tara is the co-founder of mygapyear. She is an expert in identifying and planning out of the box opportunities for young people. She is a resource in the community for sourcing educational programs outside the school environment, and is continually exploring innovative learning experiences. As the mother of two young men and a daughter Tara recognizes the importance of self discovery through transitional times, especially for young adults . Tara brings a playful approach to create an exciting gap year plan.
1803(2).JPGAlexandra Revesz
Certified Emotional Intelligence ( EQ-i) Coach
Alexandra is passionate about working with young adults through transitions. Her focus is to help individuals unlock and embrace hidden potential and pro-actively achieve their goals. Alexandra's background in Human resources and career transitions provides expertise in helping individuals find direction and creating positive change. She is EQ-i certified and has developed, designed and delivered work shops related to emotional intelligence, change and transition, and work/life success. Alexandra hopes to boost gapper's self awareness to empower meaningful choices. She is currently pursuing a professional coaching designation through Adler International Learning.


Michelle Garbacz
Leadership Specialist/Ontario Certified Teacher
Michelle has a passion for young adult leadership development and creating an environment where young adults can exercise their voice. With a background in teaching, camping, experiential education and her extensive work with young adults, Michelle brings experience in drawing out the learning from every situation.   She is strongly committed to fostering a community amongst gappers.  She is currently working on her Masters of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University and works at Georgian College.

Friday, 9 March 2012

What's your elevator pitch?

What’s your elevator pitch?

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, - the idea of how you introduce yourself or explain what you do in a
smooth, flowing way? It’s harder then you think! Once you create something you’re happy with, try it
out on friends or colleagues a few times so that it sounds natural and polished.

Here’s the mygapyear introduction:

Our organization helps young adults who aren’t ready to take the next step, to find direction. We offer an alternate learning experience which is referred to as a gap year, AND we go beyond just traveling. We plan a year’s worth of experiences that includes a unique blend of coaching, Emotional Intelligence building and leadership development to help them move forward.

Maybe you have a few different pitches up your sleeve for different audiences. This is a great idea, if you find yourself in different situations, or need to be able to write something in an email. For example, if mygapyear is emailing students, we would say:

Feeling stuck or uninspired? Why not plan a gap year where you get to try new things, learn more about yourself and how you contribute to the world. Your gap year will help you gain independence and develop life skills that build your resume. It will leave you recharged and ready for the next phase of your life. mygapyear will research cool opportunities (that you might not have known were out there) and create a personalized gap year plan through coaching, emotional intelligence and leadership development. We help you capture your learning for life. So, if you had the time to do what you really wanted, -how would you spend it?

So what’s your elevator pitch? What would you say about who you are or what you do?

Friday, 2 March 2012

Mission, Vision, and Values - No easy Feat!

Have you ever felt like you were out of step with the organization that you work for?  Has your organization ever spoken to you about their mission, vision and values? Maybe this is where the disconnect lies!

We have been working on revamping our mission, vision and defining our values and it has proven to be very difficult.  Getting down to the root of what you stand for can be challenging to articulate in such a short blurb!  The benefit though, is that it provides clarity and direction for the entire organization and has proven to be well worth the time and energy spent on it.

We thought we would share what we have come up with.  Please feel free to comment and share yours - personal or organizational!

We empower young adults find direction at a pivotal time in their life through taking a gap year.  We offer alternative learning opportunities that go beyond travel to include a unique blend of coaching, emotional intelligence and leadership development.  Our structured plan, support and follow-up throughout the year ensure that our clients reach their goals and have a meaningful experience.

To be recognized as the leading organization that reshapes society’s perceptions of meaningful ways to educate young adults.  To continually innovate new pathways to empower young adults to transform their own lives.

Value of Youth
Innovative Change
Love of Learning
Service Excellence

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